Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Tisha and the Blossoms

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Book Review - Tisha and the Blossoms

Tisha and the Blossoms

About the Book
In Tisha and the Blossoms, Tisha and Mommy are always having to hurry up. What would happen if they slowed down? A gentle, gorgeously illustrated story of mindfulness—and sharing the small moments.

Tisha was catching a blossom in her backyard.

“Hurry up,” cried Mommy. “You’ll be late for school.”

Tisha has spent the entire day rushing. She has to hustle for the bus in the morning, though she wants to stop and listen to the sounds around her. She has to quickly put her crayons away at school, though she’s not finished with her drawing. She even has to speed through recess so she doesn’t miss lunch. So when Mommy picks her up, Tisha asks if they can please “have a little slowdown.” What if they walked instead of taking the bus? What if they counted cars and seagulls, umbrellas and hats? What if they simply sat on a bench in the sunshine and gave names to the pigeons in the park? From the creators of Grandpa’s Top Threes comes a beautifully illustrated, tenderly told story about taking the time to experience the world around us, listen to one another, and enjoy the little things in life.

My Take on the Book
To often kids are going 100 miles a minute and fail to learn to slow down and be mindful of the world around them This book takes on mindfulness in a fun way and allows kids to understand mindfulness in a whole new way. This was a fun book for parents and children to enjoy together!

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