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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Book Review - Revenge of Zombert

Revenge of Zombert

About the Book
In Revenge of Zombert, the final episode of the ZomBert Chronicles, can Bert and Mellie foil a plot to turn the entire town of Lambert into ravenous zombie consumers?

A thrilling finale to an arch mystery-adventure series pits Bert the cat against the infamous YummCo Labs. Bert was a bedraggled stray before nine-year-old Mellie Gore adopted him—and has already escaped from YummCo once, vowing to find a way back to free the other captives. Now the Yumms have nabbed Bert again, and he wants revenge. Mellie’s plans to rescue her pet are interrupted when the entire town, including her own parents, begin turning into YummCo-product-consuming zombies. And why is Mellie herself suddenly starved for food to fuel her buzzing brain? What exactly is happening at the YummCo Labs? With trademark wit and a taste for the playfully macabre, award-winning creators Kara LaReau and Ryan Andrews close out the ZomBert Chronicles with a funny and suspenseful flourish.

My Take on the Book
This is a great end to the series. While I will not give any spoilers, I will say that Bert and Mellie bring forth an epic adventure as they take on YummCo. The book brings forth humor and suspense and it is a book that draws you in from page one to the very end. The book is a ton of fun and to be honest I am sad that this was the final book in the series!

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