Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review: Making Virtual Work: How to Build Performance and Relationships

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Book Review: Making Virtual Work: How to Build Performance and Relationships

About the Book

Making Virtual Work provides a surprisingly practical and straightforward process any leader can use to stop the drain and get the highest gain from every minute spent in a virtual or hybrid meeting.

In this straight-talk short book based on her in-depth scientific research, author Betty Johnson reveals the voices of real virtual workers. They say it’s people, not cameras, that create “Zoom fatigue.” Through their verbatim words, Dr. Johnson illuminates how you can stop doing the things that wear them out and what you can start doing—right now—so that virtual meetings cease to be an exhausting, time-consuming pain. So that virtual work works. For everyone.

Here, you’ll see precisely how to do what virtual workers implore you to do. How to get more done in less time. How to enable the sorts of relationship-building they need to carry them through tough times. How to enable authenticity, inclusion, agency, and equity. How to maximize their talents and wisdom so you and they become more successful.

My Take on the Book
This book was a quick read but has a ton of great insights in it. The author does a great job sharing advice to help you rethink what it means to work virtually. It also really makes you think about doing a better job of listening more and talking less. The author is direct and allows you to learn from her experiences. She gives you advice on what you can do right away to help ease Zoom fatigue but also get more accomplished and to empower your workers in a new way. While the book is based on research, it is down to Earth and allows you to leave reading it with easy take-aways for the future.
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