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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Book Review - 5-Minute Villains Stories

5-Minute Villains Stories

About the Book
A collection of 12 stories featuring all the worst Disney Villains! Join Cruella, Maleficant, Captain Hook, and more in the treacherous tales!

My Take on the Book
This book is an anthology of 12, 5 minute stories that brings together villains that you know and love.  

Each story is unique and you get to see a new side of each villain in the book. My daughter is a big Disney villain fan and this one gives you a great look at so many of them. 

To be honest we loved all of the stories, but my daughter said her favorite were the ones about Peter Pan. 

The book was full of great stories, images and more and with the fact that the stories are only 5 minutes in length, they are great to read together but also to allow for young readers to enjoy on their own too. 

I believe you and your child will enjoy all of the 5 minute stories in this anthology.

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