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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Book Review - Practically Poppins in Every Way: A Magical Carpetbag of Countless Wonders

About the Book

Practically Poppins in Every Way is a magical carpetbag containing countless wonders and "a bit o' magic" that will captivate, inform, and entertain readers of all ages.

Ever since 1934, when Mary Poppins descended from the skies over London into Cherry Tree Lane in the beloved book by P. L. Travers, the world has adored the enchanting adventures and peculiar wisdom of this magical nanny.

For more than eight decades, Travers's staunch but charming heroine has been beloved in the pages of eight popular books-and in media-from movies to stage, and music to television, all around the world. Then Mary Poppins lit up cinema screens again in a magical, musical incarnation. Mary Poppins Returns-a colorful and charming new story and a sequel to the 1964 classic-featured an all-star cast and brought to life by a stellar creative team.

Practically Poppins In Every Way is a showcase of the varied creative forces that have brought Mary Poppins to life, generation after generation. It is accompanied by erudite and informative text, essays, and observations by creative luminaries such as Cameron Mackintosh, Thomas Schumacher, Gavin Lee, and John Myhre, as well as renowned Disney authorities Brian Sibley, Jim Fanning, Paula Sigman Lowery, Craig D. Barton, and Greg Ehrbar. This colorful and lavish showcase is a rich, vivid, and frequently surprising visual document of the development behind the stories of Mary Poppins on the page, screen, and stage.

A perfect gift for the Disney movie fan in your life!

My Take on the Book
As a huge fan of Mary Poppins, this is a beautiful book that gives you great info on the history of Mary Poppins as well as an intro to the movie too. The book looks at some great history of Mary Poppins, includes, PL Travers books, the original movie, Saving Mr. Banks and the new movie too. The book is full of great images from the making of the movie and more. For anyone that loves Mary Poppins, you will enter this book with a smile on your face and anticipation in your heart for what is to come and you will leave it feeling completely fulfilled and embraced in the magic that is Mary Poppins. This is a book I would encourage for all!

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