Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Bruce Swap

Monday, March 22, 2021

Book Review - The Bruce Swap

The Bruce Swap

About the Book
Bruce is a bear who struggles with fun.

When Bruce says no to fun one too many times, Nibbs, Thistle, and Rupert secretly wish Bruce was more fun. And the geese secretly wish for sandwiches. The next morning, all their wishes come true. Bruce is cheerful. Bruce is adventurous. Bruce has pizzazz . . . and a basket of sandwiches.

Except Bruce is not exactly Bruce. He’s Kevin, Bruce’s fun cousin. Nobody knows that Bruce has gone fishing. Nobody knows that Kevin is coming. Nobody even knows who Kevin is. But, everyone quickly learns one thing: Kevin LOVES fun.

Is it possible that too much fun is no fun at all?

My Take on the Book
Bruce is a great character and while he may be a bit grumpy at times his friends really do love him. We loved reading this book as you get to see Bruce's cousin and with that some mixed up identities that will not only confuse Bruce's friends, but also turn Bruce's world upside down. The book is full of great images, but also a great story too. If you love Bruce as my family does, you will love this too.

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