Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Mira, Royal Detective The New Royal Detective

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Book Review - Mira, Royal Detective The New Royal Detective

Mira, Royal Detective The New Royal Detective

About the Book
Before Mira became the first young girl to be Royal Detective of Jalpur, she was just a townsperson with an eye for detail who liked helping her friends. Mira uses all her senses—eyes, ears, and sometimes nose!—to find clues that others might have missed. One day, Queen Shanti happened to observe Mira find a missing baby goat, and she was so impressed that she appointed Mira to be Royal Detective. With her new detective coat and magnifying glass, Mira has the tools and the skills to help people all over Jalpur. Mira is on the case! 


My Take on the Book
This was a fun book that lets you get to know Mira and go along with her on a fun mystery. Each page is filled with amazing images and the characters and the story are a ton of fun. My daughters loved the stickers that came with the book as well. I will also say that the author did a great job keeping you engaged from beginning to end and wondering what would come next! Whether you know Mira or not, this is a fun book for all!

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