Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Alpacas with Maracas

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Book Review - Alpacas with Maracas

Alpacas with Maracas

About the Book
Macca and Al are two alpacas with a lot of enthusiasm but not a lot of talent. Can they find the right act in time for the talent show?

"You're a genius, Al! We don't need a big fracas!
We can't sing or play, brother, but we can shake like no other.
We just need... MARACAS!"

Macca and his best friend Al are always looking for ways to brighten their days. When they see an ad for a talent show, they're all in. But unfortunately, everything the cuddly duo tries, from singing and dancing to magic and gymnastics, is mediocre at best... until they discover the perfect act. How will the audience respond to these alpacas with maracas?

With quirky rhymes and adorable illustrations, this fun-filled sequel to Macca the Alpaca will have kids shimmying, grooving, wiggling, and moving along with Macca and Al. Chika chika cha cha cha! Ticka ticka ta ta ta!

My Take on the Book

This was a great book that lets you see two best friends having a ton of fun together and trying to figure out what they can do for the talent show. I love seeing that they try hard and put their whole hearts into everything that they do whether they are good or not. This was a ton of fun to read and with the rhyming cadence and illustrations you are brought into the book even further.  The pictures are a ton of fun and you see topics of friendship, hard work and more !

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