Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Book Review - Diary of a 5th Grade Outlaw

About the Book

Robin Loxley, the 5th grade outlaw of Nottingham Elementary, tells all! From Epic! Originals comes a comic-inspired illustrated novel series that treats growing up as an adventure.

Fifth grade has just started, and the school bully, Nadia, already rules recess with an unfair Playground Tax. Robin refuses to be pushed around, but all she can think about is winning back her best friend, Mary Ann, after a disastrous fallout over the summer. To do so, she will have to stand up to Nadia, face the wrath of Assistant Principal Johnson, and become a legendary outlaw at Nottingham Elementary—all while forming a merry band of new friends along the way.

My Take on the Book
My daughter and I loved reading about Robin Loxley. You get a Robin Hood story in current day times. Robin definitely believes in fairness and when she sees this going awry, she is compelled to step in. You even get the concept of a tax being unfairly required for kids to play basketball. All of this being said, the characters and the story are ones that all upper elementary and early middle school kids will enjoy! Whether you have read or heard of Robin Hood in the past, this book is a great story that brings the tenor of Robin Hood to light!

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