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Friday, May 31, 2019

Book Review - Shake it Off: A Wish Novel

Shake it Off: A Wish Novel

About the Book
Sweet treats and friendship mix-ups abound in this story about cousins, first crushes, and finding your place.

Bria Muller is stuck on her aunt and uncle's dairy farm for the summer, and she is not happy about it. Milking cows alongside her cousins Wren and Luke? No thanks.

The one thing she's good at is mixing up milk shakes in the creamery. Instead of their usual vanilla, she starts crafting towering, over-the-top shakes like the ones she loved sipping back home in Chicago. Wren, and most of the customers, aren't impressed. Everyone seems to think Bria is just a snobby city girl.

There is one person who appreciates the sweet, cold treats: Gabe, her cousins' cute friend who helps out on the farm. But with the family business in danger of being sold, can Bria's shakes make a difference . . . and will she ever fit into country life?

My Take on the Book
This is a great middle school aged novel that brings together topics of fitting in and finding your place. Bria is a fun character that you will enjoy seeing grow and learn, not only about herself, but about life, love and friendship. The book was a fun read that you will want to keep reading as you wait to find out what happens next with Bria and others in the book!

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