Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Jed and the Junkyard War

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Book Review - Jed and the Junkyard War

Jed and the Junkyard War

About the Book

Jed is a regular kid with a normal, loving family . . . that is, if it's normal for a loving family to drop their child off in the middle of nowhere and expect him home in time for Sunday dinner. Luckily, Jed excels at being a regular kid who-armed with wit and determination-can make his way out of any situation.

At least until the morning of his twelfth birthday, when Jed wakes to discover his parents missing. Something is wrong. Really wrong. Jed just doesn't realize it's floating-city, violent-junk-storm, battling-metals, Frankensteined-scavengers kind of wrong. Yet.

A cryptic list of instructions leads Jed into a mysterious world at war over . . . junk. Here, batteries and bottled water are currency, tremendously large things fall from the sky, and nothing is exactly what it seems.

Resilient Jed, ready to escape this upside-down place, bargains his way onto a flying tugboat with a crew of misfit junkers. They set course to find Jed's family, but a soul-crushing revelation sends Jed spiraling out of control . . . perhaps for good.

My Take on the Book
In this book you are going to meet some very fun, and odd characters. Jed's parents are not ones that you would typically see. They challenge Jed in many ways and are seeming to prepare him to survive whatever life throws at him. This is particularly important when he finds himself in the Junkyard world with Robots that may eat him if he is not careful. The author has done a great job at creating a world that is amazing. You can visually create a picture in your mind and the picture is remarkable. This book is a ton of fun. The plot moves fast and you constantly are wondering what will happen next and the end is not what you first think!

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