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Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Review - Embracing the Awkward

Embracing the Awkward

About the Book
Who are you? Young adults struggle with lots of issues; finishing up school, finding a career, finding a partner to be with and most importantly figuring out who they are. But who are you? That can often be an overwhelming question to ask, especially when you feel like the people all around you have it figured out and you’re just falling behind them. In fact, you may even have questions that you would NEVER feel comfortable talking to other people about for fear of being judged or even rejected by them. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to navigate life alone, in fact there’s so much untapped potential in you that the world has yet to see.

Realize your potential: It can be hard to see the potential we have to do really wonderful things in this world. Figuring out how to make friends, develop relationships and to be confident is a step-by-step process. Now help is available in Embracing the Awkward, written by the popular teen-advice-YouTuber, The Josh Speaks. This down-to-earth guide will help you feel comfortable taking small steps towards being somebody great. In this book Josh walks through the step-by-step process for sorting out the confusion around teen questions. This isn’t another dry instructional book written by a boring adult who is disconnected from the millennial reality, it’s a guide, a workbook, an empowering step towards trying things out, discovering who you are and truly becoming your best self.

Embracing the Awkward gives teens materials for developing their own unique style of speaking and engaging with others.The book contains workbook elements for each chapter that offer a step-by-step checklist of activities to follow, along with examples of things to say, topics to talk about and ways to lead into situations. Also, it contains infographics that show how to:

  • approach people
  • determine when you’ve hit the point of highest attraction
  • lead into conversations with groups of people

    The book covers topics like making strong friendships in school, approaching your crushes and asking them out, dealing with failure and rejection, and maintaining your family relationships. This book will help you build upon the skills you have deep inside of you so you can structure your life and shake the world around you by truly being somebody great.

    Chapter topics include:

    • Feeling comfortable in your school environment
    • Updating your style and look so you feel confident
    • Deciding on a person who’s worth getting to know
    • Having a conversation with someone you like
    • Avoiding getting friend zoned
    • How to deal with rejection
    • Techniques for becoming popular and gaining respect
    • Handling your parents getting involved in your dating life
    • The different methods of asking someone out
    • Figuring out what you can do on a first date and beyond
    • Maintaining a long distance relationship
    • What it takes to be a good partner in a relationship

My Take on the Book
I remember how awkward things were when I was a teenager. You did not feel like you fit in anywhere and you were trying to make a place for yourself in the world. As a dad of a teenager I see this same thing happening with my own daughter and I know that there are even more challenges today than I even had to deal with. This book is a great book that offers practical thoughts and advice to teens to help them process things without having an adult hovering over them. The topics in the book are relevant and important and the book is written in a way that makes it an easy read. I highly recommend this book to any parent of a current or future teenager!

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