Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Luciana: Braving the Deep

Monday, January 1, 2018

Book Review - Luciana: Braving the Deep

About the Book
Luciana Vega wants to be the first kid on Mars. But first she's got to be a good team player here on Earth.

Luciana can't wait to take off for youth astronaut training camp. She hopes to be chosen to dive to an underwater habitat where real astronauts train for life in space. But when Luci accuses her diving partner of sabotage, no one believes her and her chances of making the diving team sink fast. Things hit rock bottom when Luci has an underwater crisis. Suddenly, making the dive team isn't her biggest worry. She'll have to conquer her fears if she ever wants to make it to Mars. If she can't, will she have to kiss her dreams of becoming an astronaut good-bye?

My Take on the Book
This was a fun book that introduced us to the new American Girl of 2018. This was a ton of fun and the new American Girl of the year was a great character that showed a ton of tenacity. We love reading about these new American Girl characters and if you have never read these in the past, you truly should!

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