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Monday, May 9, 2016

Book Review - The Secret of the Aurora Hotel

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About the Book
For more than a century, the Aurora hotel has been plagued by the restless spirits of another world. So when your cousins Evan and Jenna call upon you for help? Saving your uncle Gus's hotel becomes your top priority. A full moon. A raging blizzard on All Hallows' eve. Level by level, the three of you will need to brave the strange rooms and bizarre corridors that guard the pieces of this hundred-year old puzzle. Can you unlock the mystery of the Aurora's chilling origins? Or will the malevolent forces aligning against you prevail?

My Take on the Book
In this story the reader becomes a character and you choose the various endings after reading a page or two or even a short chapter.

The reader becomes Scott Reinhart. You are visiting your uncle and two cousins. The uncle bought and now owns a hotel that is said to be haunted. Guests are disappearing and there are freak accidents. The three cousins decide to find out why unusual events are occurring . Now your adventure begins.

In this story you are searching for four items that you and your cousins believe are apart of a ghostly event. In order to stop the spooky events you must locate a bell, book , crystal and candle. In their search elevators move by themselves. There is disappearing portal and messages are left.

As the reader reads the story, sometimes the author tells you what page to turn to. The reader may have two choices of pages. In some instances the reader is asked to solve a puzzle or roll a die to determine where to read next. There are so many opportunities to choose which means so many events and endings are available each time the reader reads.

I believe a reader who enjoys mysteries and books with action will enjoy this type of story.
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