Dad of Divas' Reviews: Kidz Bop 31 Has All The Top Songs Your Kids Will Love!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kidz Bop 31 Has All The Top Songs Your Kids Will Love!

Kidz Bop 31

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About the CD

Kidz Bop 31 includes the following tracks:
  1. What Do You Mean?, 
  2. Stitches, 
  3. Wildest Dreams, 
  4. Drag Me Down, 
  5. Hotline Bling, 
  6. Same Old Love, 
  7. Ex's And Oh's, 
  8. Sorry, 
  9. Confident, 
  10.  Like I'm Gonna Lose You, 
  11. Renegades, 
  12. Here, 
  13. On My Mind, 
  14. Downtown, 
  15. Hello

My Take on the CD
My 7 year old daughter grabbed the CD from me the minute we got it and then she wanted to write the below review!

I like Kidz Bop 31. I like how they listen to the music and sing new words in the songs that I know. Kidz Bop singers sounds great and I love how they have kids like me singing songs that I listen to on the radio. This CD has some of the most popular songs now and I know that I am really excited to see what the Kidz Bop singers have in store for me on their next great CD. I give this 2 thumbs up!

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