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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Review - Your Superpowers Dream It, Achieve It

About the Book
Junior high and high school is tough few years for just about everyone. It can be difficult going to school, trying to fit in, and trying to make sense of all the changes in life. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a roadmap that helped teens through the “growing up” years so that they don’t turn out to be all pain and no gain?

In the new book Your Superpowers: Dream It, Achieve It, author and life coach Steve Gardner makes the case that teenagers have superpowers that are just waiting to be released.

The basic premise of his book is that each and every teenage boy or girl has latent superpowers including the power to be creative and to attract the things they want and need in their lives.

“The human brain is even more incredible than the world’s most impressive supercomputer,” he says. “Teenagers need to learn they can create whatever kind of reality they want.”

Here are just some of the incredible insights this useful book contains:

  1. Brains surpass computers - Human brains imagined the idea for computers in the first place, and they continue to this day to use their creativity to make computers smaller, faster, cheaper, and better. The real gift: the ability to create things in your mind and work on them until you have created them physically.
  2. You are not only the world’s most powerful computer, you are also the world’s most powerful and magical magnet! When you become interested in something, anything at all, then the energy inside of you starts to change. Stop and think about that. Everything you are experiencing is something you helped attract to yourself.
  3. You monitor your “inside world” so that you can influence your “outside world.” You must be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Once you know what you want and don’t want, then you can start changing your energy so you attract the best in life back to you. You can use your superpower to attract good and fun things back to you, instead of the boring, mean, or frustrating things.
  4. Once you discover what is in side you, do what is in your heart. Whatever the prompting is, your job is to hear it and do it. Even when what you feel prompted to do doesn’t make any sense, you must still follow it. Your job is to take action.
  5. Grow with the Flow. You are doing something new. Once you get the hang of things and it is easy to use your superpowers, you’ll look back and think how silly it was that at one time you didn’t manage or control your energy. For the rest of your life, you will probably look around at all the people not using their superpowers and wonder what they are afraid of. You will discover that either they don’t know they have superpowers or they just don’t want to dust them off and use them.

Gardner says that a teenager’s superpowers do not end with his or her mind. Each person is connected to a greater force. With our energy, we can all tap into this force, if we learn how to do that. His book gives stories and guidance about how to access that greater power and use it to create exactly the life they want.

About the Author
Steve Gardner has worked with teenagers and pre-teens as a high school teacher, a counselor, basketball coach, and much more. He wrote Your Superpowers to help the youth uncover their own latent talents and abilities. Teenagers do not have to be victims in school and home. Your Superpowers teaches them how to be empowered. Steve as a keynote speaker has spoken in Europe and Asia, in addition to being a popular speaker in America for many years. Some highlights include being interviewed on live talk shows in front of television audiences of 20 million people! he mixes humor with powerful stories to inspire and teach audiences wherever he goes.

My Take on the Book
This book is short, but sweet and provides insights that are easy to follow and solutions that are easy to implement. The book speaks directly to the reader and gets on their level, helping them to see the things that makes them special and unique, as well as how the young reader can make the life that they want for themselves if they put their mind to it. I liked the fact that the book is set up like a workbook and you can work your way through it to start making changes that will help you be the best person that you can be! This is a book that all teenagers would learn much from!

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