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Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review - Tell Me Why?

Tell Me Why?
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About the Book
This fun-filled Q&A book is packed with answers to questions that curious children want to know--and parents are only too happy to give them the means to discover on their own. It contains more than 180 answers to questions about history, nature, the human body, animals, plants, the Earth, and more. In Tell Me Why?, kids can find the answers to questions such as: "Why were some pirates abandoned on a desert island?", "Why are there mummies?", and "Why do we go to school?" Organized according to different topics and tabbed for easy reference, this book also features a hidden spiral binding that makes it easy to flip back and forth. Entertaining illustrations, cool stickers, and activity sections make learning more fun than ever.

My Take on the Book
My youngest daughter and I read through this book together. We learned so much from this book. The book has 6 tabs and you can select the area you are interested in and begin to read. The pages include two questions with the answer and a drawing to illustrate the answer. Some of the illustrations are very funny. 

Here are few examples of facts we learned. A lion sleeps with his eyes opened. A camel has two stomachs to store water. Lions and tigers purr like cats.

The answers are complete but short. Your child will wish to read many of the questions. The authors have included stickers for your child to use in specific areas of the book.
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