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Friday, August 14, 2015

Book Review - The Big Texas Steakhouse Cookbook

The Big Texas Steakhouse Cookbook
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About the Book
Got beef? You bet your boots Texas does. The legendary land of cattle and cowboys, Texas produces billions of pounds of beef each year. This handsome cookbook showcases hundreds of the carnivore's favorite preparations, specially selected from among the menus of steakhouses across the state. Recipes and information about steaks of all stripes--from strip to chicken fried--alongside beef dishes such as chili and fajitas and other classic Texas steakhouse selections accompany this photographic tour of steaks, steakhouses, and steer in the Lone Star State.

My Take on the Book
This cook book is not just a cook book of recipes. The reader will find  information about different kinds of cuts of beef, how to cook them, and where they are located on the animal. There is information about aging beef and the history of chili too. Most of the recipes have a "tip" for the reader. 

Each recipe is from a restaurant in Texas. There are beautiful photographs to accompany the recipes. The recipes are written so even an new cook could prepare them. 

So, the book includes recipes for beef, starters, sides, sauces and rubs. There are recipes for desserts and drinks too.

One of the recipes I made for my family which they all enjoyed eating was zucchini perini. It was easy to make. The recipe involved cooking ground beef, sausage, onion, whole tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste, some herbs/spices and zucchini. The mixture is baked with parmesan cheese on top. It was so delicious. 

If you enjoy eating beef, I believe you may want to check out this cookbook to add to your kitchen library.

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