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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review - Game On! 2016

Game On

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About the Book
Learn all about the hottest games, how they were developed, and how to beat them!

Game On! will feature information and statistics about all of the hottest games, tips and tricks for gamers, and interviews from gaming's biggest personalities, including game developers and pro gamers! With the help of Imagine, the top video games publisher, learn how to dominate the biggest online multiplayer games and unlock the rarest trophies and achievements in different game worlds. Also included is a definitive list of the fifty biggest games of the year, and the ultimate guide to the biggest fifty coming in 2016. Plus, this book is full of high-res screenshots of all of the biggest games!

My Take on the Book
This was a great book that really gave you an inside look at some amazing games that are very hot right now. I loved all of the tips and hints that this book provided as well as the full color images that accompany all mention to the games in question. The book was a fast read and an easy one and for both my daughter and I who both love gaming, this was the perfect book to read together!

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