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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review - Ready To Go! Manners: A Guide to Raising Good Kids

Ready To Go! Manners: A Guide to Raising Good Kids

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About the Book
Raising great kids in today's world can be incredibly challenging--and teaching good manners can feel like an uphill battle! That's where Ready To Go! Manners can really help. This kit contains everything parents need to encourage their children to be polite, well-mannered, and considerate individuals. It features:

  • Advice and tips from an expert child psychologist
  • An easy-to-follow, 16-page instructional parent guide with helpful ideas and proven methods for teaching manners to young children
  • A delightfully illustrated, 16-page board book that will encourage and support children as they learn to be kind and thoughtful
  • A fun two-sided reward chart that includes illustrations of engaging characters and spaces for stickers
  • 48 reward stickers to motivate children and positively reinforce each new success
With help from Ready to Go! Manners, your child will successfully navigate this important developmental stage while learning to be a compassionate, courteous, and respectful person. Teaching good manners has never been so positive or rewarding--for kids or their parents!

My Take on the Book
I was impressed with this parent guide which would assist parents in helping their children grow up with manners. There is a young child's book with the topic of saying please and thank you and sharing. Even though the book is for a young child, the parent guide that Dr. Hall included , I feel, is appropriate for any age child. The guide is full of excellent information for parents.
Dr. Hall emphasizes the importance of parents modeling for their children appropriate behavior. 

There is information on manners, influences on your child's behavior, how to use rewards and consequences, talking to your child, and more. I feel this is a very good and complete guide for any parent wishing to read a sequential plan for teaching good manners.

Included in the book pack is a page of reward stickers and two reward charts you can use with your child.
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