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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review - #Presidents: Follow the Leaders

#Presidents: Follow the Leaders
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About the Book
What if the U.S. presidents were online... and you could follow them?

Was Teddy Roosevelt a cute kid in his Throwback Thursday photos? Whose no-shave November facial hair is better, Lincoln's or Taft's? And just how many selfies did JFK take in the oval office?

From how they grew up to how they led, learn what historians know about these incredible leaders and find out what they're saying to each other! Follow the leaders!

My Take on the Book
At first glance the reader may think that this book is a nonfiction story about the Presidents of the United States. However on the second page before the actual text of the book, there is a statement that the content is a work of fiction. I found that the photographs and the statements such as who this man is, when he was President, who the Vice President was , and even his wife's name,were nonfiction. As you continue to read though , the reader will see humorous comments made by fictional characters and the Presidents as if they were having a conversation. I thought the book was interesting and definitely fun to read. At the end of the book is a time line which begins in 1770 and ends with 2010. The author highlighted important nonfiction events for each decade.
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