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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review - Felix Stands Tall

Felix Stands Tall

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About the Book
From the creator of Max and Ruby comes a quiet, sweet-natured guinea pig who stands up to teasing with a tip from his bold new friend.

Felix has a new best friend! With take-charge Fiona, anything seems possible, and before Felix knows it, she sweeps him into singing and dancing with her as pixies in the Guinea Pig Jubilee talent show. But right after Felix’s first-prize triumph, trouble waits in the wings. "Twinkletoes!" someone taunts, and Felix crumbles. Can he pull himself together and face down the bullies? With a little help from Fiona, can Felix find a magic key that unlocks the secret to standing up—to anyone?

My Take on the Book
Rosemany Wells has written so many books for children that are loved and read repeatedly.She seems to understand children, their feelings and the situations they encounter.

The author's concept in this story is not only one of friendship but how to stop someone from being a bully. We know bullying is a challenging issue for many children today. Fiona helps Felix to stand tall and to end the boys teasing.

I also liked the fact that Felix not only learned to stand tall in the face of the teasing, but also gained confidence to voice his opinions to his best friend, Fiona. You can see a cooperative relationship blooming.

The illustrations are perfect for the text and for a young child to enjoy.

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