Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Doc McStuffins: Training Army Al

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review - Doc McStuffins: Training Army Al

Doc McStuffins: Training Army Al
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About the Book
Donny is heading out on his Badger Scout camping trip, and Doc knows only the bravest and strongest toy can accompany him. Army Al volunteers for the job so that all of his friends can stay home and be safe. With help from Doc and the toys, Army Al trains for every rough, tough, and sticky situation. This soldier is ready for duty, and his friends can't wait for him to come home safe and sound!

My Take on the Book
The Doc McStuffins books are so kid friendly. The stories are perfect for your young child and there is something for your child to learn and the two of you to discuss. In this particular story, a toy soldier who was going with Doc McStuffins' brother on a campout needed some help.Soldier Al has to have a "check-up" to see if he is healthy enough to go on the campout. The message in this story was to play actively each day to stay fit. Staying fit may involve walking your dog, riding your bike, or playing tag. There are so many options for children today. Remember to drink water. This is a great story for children and adults to read together.

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