Dad of Divas' Reviews: Magna Color Brings Your Creativity to Life

Monday, September 9, 2013

Magna Color Brings Your Creativity to Life

Magna Color
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About the Product
Magna Color 3D Art Create vibrant 3D artwork by using the magnetic studio and colourful 3D dots. Watch the dots magically flow through the specially designed pens and stick to the board. Use the revolutionary pens to color in the design stencils, then put on your 3D Ultra Vision Glasses to watch your artwork jump off the screen in real 3D! When finished, sweep the dots back into the sorting system to sort them back into their individual colors again.

  • Create 3D Art - Reuseable
  • Specially-designed magnetic drawing studio with screen sweeper
  • With all pieces self-contained in the unit, this innovative crafts toy allows for no-mess playing!
  • Includes a pair of 3D glasses, 4double sided stencils and 160 magic dots.

My Take on the Book
My eldest daughter (who is nine) loves art and loves doing anything she can with art, so I was intrigued by the idea of this product. In trying this I was hesitant at first because in researching the product first I saw a number of negative reviews online, but I kept an open mind to see what I thought and see how the product worked for my daughter.

The idea of this product is that you use color magnets to make images completely pop off the page. The magnets themselves are sorted into the color pens (as I would call them), based on size and then you can use the product itself. To explain this a little better let me try and illustrate an example. After my daughter made her first image, she cleared the screen my pushing the magnets to the top which makes them go into the back of the product where you sorts the colors, then by the process of shaking, tilting and cajoling you can the individual magnets back to the individual color pens that you have connected into the product itself. You do have to work on this and for younger kids this process might be a bit frustrating, so beware. My nine year old enjoyed the sorting process, but my five year old lost interest after a bit.

My nine year old really enjoyed using the color pens which drop the magnets onto the drawings and allow the user to make the images completely pop out with color. The 3D glasses somewhat enhance the image, but to me it did not make a tremendous difference. The product itself does come with a number of initial images/templates that you can use and you can purchase additional templates if you like as well.

I know that the company also just released an app that will work with an IPad that will enhance the images that you create on this. Seeing that I don't have an IPad I was not able to try this, but I am intrigued into how this works with the creations too. 

All-in-all I can say that my nine-year-old daughter enjoyed this. It did take some time to get used to the color pens, but in the end she did get used to them and she enjoyed creating the new art pieces on the product itself. As mentioned, my five year old did have a bit more difficulty, so be aware of the age parameters on this.

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