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Friday, March 12, 2010

Product Review - Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

What is Lullabelly

Although playing music to a baby in the womb is nothing new, stretching headphones across your belly is awkward, uncomfortable, and too loud for your baby’s delicate ears. How is a mom-to-be able to enjoy the music, and bond with her baby over her favorite tunes?

Now there’s Lullabelly! The modern mom's way to play music to her baby in the womb.
The Lullabelly prenatal music belt can be used whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home. Lullabelly’s patented hands-free design is easy to use, fun and safe for both expectant mother and baby.

Lullabelly is extremely soft, adjustable, lightweight, machine washable, and very comfortable to wear over clothes or directly against your belly. The large pocket is ideal for carrying your portable MP3 player or other small accessories. 

Lullabelly utilizes safe sound level technology; maximum volume level is similar to a mother or father speaking or singing direclty to their baby in the womb. For added safety, the Lullabelly speaker has a built-in volume control dial so, when using the dual adapter, mom can separately control the volume level of her earphones and the volume of the music playing for her baby.

Why Use Lullabelly?
Your baby’s education doesn’t just begin at birth. Prenatal learning can be an essential part of your baby’s development. For generations, parents and experts have known about the wonderful benefits of playing music to help stimulate fetal development in the womb. While in this “perfect classroom” a baby learns to recognize and respond to different stimuli.

Of course, there’s no need to take our word for it. Read what the experts are saying. (click here)

"Music stimulates the growth of brain structures and connects many activated brain areas. Learning is based on the plasticity of the brain which is the most powerful in the early years, however, it keep going over the entire life span. Brain development is basically determined by its genetic disposition, but its individual structure depends on use. The brain develops according to how we use it. All experiences are stored in the brain and influence its neural structure.", says Wilfried Gruhn, Emeritus Professor of Music Education, University of Music Freiburg, Germany 

Listening to music is fun, entertaining, and relaxing. For an unborn infant, music also prepares the ear and brain to listen, and to integrate and produce language sounds. On-going research of the effects of prenatal music stimulation on learning has been in progress for decades, and is considered the foundation for reading, writing and arithmetic.

It is well known that a developing fetus can hear and react to sounds. Even though babies don't know anything about music, they are able to tell the difference between a melody and speech.
For years, researchers have been studying the effects of music played during pregnancy on infant development. For example, early childhood researchers Thomas R. Verny and Rene Van de Carr found that babies stimulated in the womb exhibit advanced visual, auditory, language and motor development skills.

Just about any type of music is suitable. "Different kinds of music are essential and can be useful for the baby's future writing, reading and language skills," says Dr. Phillip A. De Fina, associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and chief neuropsychologist and director of neurotherapies at the NYU Brain Research Laboratories.

Listening to music can also be an effective tool to help reduce stress during pregnancy; and listening along with your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience between the expectant mother and her unborn child. While spoken language can take more than a year to develop, playing music is one of the earliest things parents can do with their children.

Is Lullabelly Safe

Lullabelly utilizes safe sound level technology; maximum volume level is a safe decibel level similar to the volume level of a normal conversation (see sound decibel chart). For added safety, the Lullabelly speaker has a built-in volume control dial so, when using the dual adapter, the expectant mother can separately control the volume of her earphones and the volume of the music playing for her baby.
Lullabelly is the safer and more stylish alternative to holding headphones on your belly. By using Lullabelly, parents can create their baby’s playlist, AND listen along.

Unlike a standard set of headphones (made for an adults ears), the Lullabelly speaker’s maximum volume level is similar to a mother or father singing or talking direclty to their baby in the womb.
Using Lullabelly is about having fun, enjoying your pregnancy and exposing your baby to new experiences. Prenatal music stimulation should be used in moderation, starting around the third trimester, according to most experts. Moderation means no more than one hour at a time, and two to three times per day.

Ultrasound observations show that the fetus hears and responds to a sound pulse starting around 16 weeks of age; even before the ear construction is complete. The cochlear structures of the ear appear to function by the 20th week and mature synapses have been found between the 24th and 28th weeks.

Although a developing fetus can hear and react to sounds from as early as 16 to 20 weeks, active listening begins around the 24th week. For this reason, most formal programs of prenatal stimulation begin in the third trimester.

My Take On The Product

While I am not a mom or a mom-to-be I do know women that are expecting and moms that are expecting. In speaking to them and showing them this product, I was amazed to find that they were very interested in the product itself.

The belt is super soft and is set up to make wearing comfortable. I asked a few friends to try it on and they said they they would use it if they had it themselves. I asked J-Mom if she would have used this when she was pregnant.and she said that she would have wore it and loaded the Ipod with a variety of different music for our girls.

Overall, I was impressed and know that we would have used this if we would have had the opportunity to have one when we were pregnant in the past.

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