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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review - The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers

About the Book

It's time for a return to Radical Holiness.

Welcome to the 21st century, where you can now purchase and exchange personalities depending on mood and circumstance; where you are told that you can be anyone you want to be, and identity is no longer based in a sense of self but rather in the imagery you choose at that moment.

The Bible contains a radically different way of understanding our identity. The path that God has chosen for us to discover who we really are is the path of holiness. The most exciting thing is that this path is not for otherworldy saints; rather it is a path of earthy, gutsy holiness. It's a path that is not about basing your life on this world or of shunning your desires. Instead, it is about bringing your hopes, your dreams, your brokenness, your desires, your humanness under the Lordship of Christ. By doing this we don’t just discover a new way of living out our faith, we discover a liberating, revolutionary, life-embracing way of being truly human.

About the Author

Mark Sayers is an author and speaker who specializes in interpreting popular culture from a Christian viewpoint.

Mark is the founder of Über a ministry that specializes in issues of youth and young adult discipleship. He is also the leader of the Red East church in Melbourne, Australia, an innovative Christian community specifically reaching the young adult demographic. He is a highly sought after speaker, trainer, consultant and thinker in the areas of popular culture and faith. Mark is the author of the Trouble with Paris: Following Jesus in a World of Plastic Promises.

Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Trudi and daughter Grace.

My Take on the Book

In starting this book I had no idea what horizontal or vertical self even meant, so there was no way that I could answer the question of whether I was a person who cares of the horizontal self or the vertical self? In delving into this book I came to find that the author relates the horizontal self to younger adults that are stuck in the culture that is around them. Vertical self individuals are looking upwards setting aside the societal pull to focus or refocus on God.

Personally, I liked the way Mark Sayers connects everyday culture to Christianity and how we connect with God.The authors spends a lot of time looking into the history and how society has slipped into a state of 'horizontal' self where people's lives are defined by society and circumstances.

This thought that the book was well written, and gave some good insights into culture today and how our view of self today has interceded into most churches. Instead of focusing on ourselves, Mr. Sayers offers practical ideas about how we can refocus back to as he calls is "a vertical posture" or rather, looking to God.

This book was thought provoking and conversation inspiring. I have had the opportunity to speak to a few friends already about the concepts brought up in the book and they too thought that the ideas brought up by the author were ones that they too felt strongly about. Mr. Sayers explains that the "horizontal world" is filled with young adults and with that in mind, I have half a mind to pass the book on to some young adults that I know around my community. Finally, I also liked the fact that the author provides the reader with a ton of practical approaches to thinking about living a more God-centered "vertical" life.

If this book sounds like one you would like as a part of your own library you can find it at Thomas Nelson Publishing or on Amazon!

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