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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Book Review - Key Hunters: The Spy's Secret

Key Hunters: The Spy's Secret
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About the Book
Cleo and Evan have a secret. A collection of books so dangerous they are locked up tight. A friend has vanished inside the pages of one of them. It's up to them to find the key that will set her free. A SPY MUST BE READY FOR ANYTHING!

Agents Cleo and Evan have been given an impossible mission: become super-spies and foil the plans of an evil mastermind. But it won't be easy to break into the Viper's secret underwater lair, complete a daring rescue, find the right key, and get out alive!

My Take on the Book
Evan and Cleo are once again in the library with a new adventure. Ms. Crowley, the mean librarian, wants the key that Evan possesses. It opens the books to new adventures and the two friends are still trying to locate their beloved librarian that disappeared.

In this story they are sucked into a story of intrigue and searching for a lost spy named Samuel Dearth. They believe he was kidnapped by The Viper.There is danger for Evan and Cleo . Ms. Crowley is a character in this spy story too. The children find The Viper's hide out but they are in for a surprise. The Viper is actually agent Samuel Dearth.

There are several close calls as the children try to escape from The Viper and back to the library. It is a fast moving chapter book on a third grade reading level. Second through fourth graders will enjoy this story.
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