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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Save the oceans, adopt a creature for the holidays

If you are like me you are starting to think about the holidays now. I have just been made aware of an interesting holiday gift that you may wish to consider.

This holiday season, Oceana is providing a unique and meaningful way to give to loved ones while raising important funds for Oceana's campaigns to preserve coral reefs, curb climate change, protect sea creatures and maintain a healthy and abundant ocean.

When supporters virtually adopt a marine creature through Oceana's website (, gift recipients can receive up to six ocean themed cookie cutters or up to four sea creature plush toys.

Adopting a Sea Creature

Online visitors will first be presented with images of the 10 different adoption choices that support Oceana's campaigns:
  • Cookie Cutters - Dolphin, Octopus, Penguin, Polar Bear, Sea Turtle and Shark
  • Plush Toys - Dolphin, Hammerhead Shark, Killer Whale and Seal
Donation levels*
  • $35: cookie cutter, recipe card and personalized adoption certificate
  • $50: plush creature and personalized adoption certificate
  • $75: cookie cutter, recipe card, framed adoption certificate and an additional gift from Oceana or a plush creature and framed adoption certificate
  • $100: complete set of cookie cutters, framed adoption certificate and an additional gift from Oceana
  • $150: complete set of plush creatures and framed adoption certificate
$200 Limited Edition “Casey” Sea Turtle Adoption Package:
This year as part of our 2009 Adopt a Creature program Oceana is teaming up with one of its youngest supporters, 12-year old sea turtle advocate Casey Sokolovic. A finalist for Oceana’s 2009 “Ocean Heroes” award (, Casey became a young environmental steward and role model for others her age when she began a sea turtle conservation campaign called L.A.S.T. - Love a Sea Turtle. She raised over $3,000 for a North Carolina-based sea turtle rehabilitation hospital in part by selling sea turtle sugar cookies.

In her honor, Oceana has developed a “Casey” Sea Turtle Adoption package**
featuring the following:
  • 22-inch plush sea turtle
  • sea turtle cookie cutter
  • sugar cookie recipe
  • personalized framed adoption certificate
  • information about sea turtles
  • a note from Casey
Casey hopes her story will inspire many other kids and families to support Oceana’s Adopt a Creature program and become engaged in a local cause that creates a meaningful impact.

My Take On This

For me, I am always looking for unique gifts for people, something that stands out and isn't run of the mill. The gift that Oceana provides here is one that, in my opinion, falls into this category. Kids especially like animals and this gift may provide them the opportunity to learn, not only about conservation but also broaden their global awareness.

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