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Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Review - The Grandparents Handbook

Grandparents are engaged and active in the lives of their grandkids and though it will be many years before I will have the opportunity to be considered a grandparent myself, I was asked to review this book for all of you (my readers) who might be grandparents or soon to be grandparents.

This book is a treasure trove of ideas, recipes, and helpful hints about being a hip, as well as savvy grandparent today. It talks about pitfalls as well as areas where you can really help, and it helps you understand the differences between being a parent and a grandparent (it is more than just - we can give the kids back!)

The book also provides a refresher chapter on various baby related tasks such as changing a diaper, swaddling a newborn, and giving kids a bath and also includes some advice on respecting your children's decisions on how they raise their children.

Divided into four sections—"Bringing Up Baby: A Grandparent's Refresher Course,” "Indoor and Outdoor Fun and Games,” "Crafts and Cooking,” and "Sharing and Exploring the World Together”—The Grandparents Handbook features such activities as:

•       How to Baby—and Kid—Proof Your Home (page 30)
•       How to Handle Toddler Tantrums (page 50)
•       Holding a Backyard Olympics (page 60)
•       Planting a Fairy and Goblin Garden (page 85)
•       Creating Your Own Ice Cream Cake (page 107)
•       Making Homemade Pickles (page 109)
•       Planning a Special Meal Together (page 178)
•       Creating Your Family Tree (page 180)
•       And much more!

The book itself reads much like a handbook and is a great gift idea for yourself or for another new grandparent out there. The book is relatively inexpensive (retailing at $16.95), but it can be found on Amazon and other retailers for sometimes cheaper. If you visit Amazon, you can take a look at a few of the pages of the book. Check it out today!

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