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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - The Sleuths of Somerville: Secrets in Somerville

The Sleuths of Somerville: Secrets in Somerville

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About the Book
A new kid has arrived in Somerville, and he has brought along a bit of mystery. Something about Jace and his mother just doesnt add up. Astrid, Rowan, and Quinn want to be welcoming, but they also have to get to the bottom of things. What they discover brings the group together and whets their appetite for adventure.

My Take on the Book

This is a chapter book for middle age children. It is a mystery and well written. There is adventure, a lost dog, new strangers in town with a secret, a stranger who is looking for the strangers, and three friends who try to find out more about the new people in town.

Somerville is a small nondescript town. It is usually a stop off for gas and food for those travelers heading to a larger town. One day Jace and Evie arrive in town to live. They are secretive and live in an old mansion called the Potter Place. The three friends: Rowan, Astrid, and Quinn befriend Jace who is their age, but they are curious as he evades their questions. When Mr. P, another stranger arrives in town, there are even more questions and concerns for the friends and the town.

In this mystery you see friendship, the kind of friendship where friends stick up for their friends and try to protect them. There is some danger for Evie and Jace. Their secret is revealed and the towns people promise to help keep their secret safe.

I believe a middle age child who enjoys mysteries will read this book.

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