Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest

Sunday, September 13, 2015

DVD Review - Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest

Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest

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About the DVD
Dim The Lights For Five Chilling Adventures!

It’s the spookiest time of the year and Blythe and her best friends from the Littlest Pet Shop are ready for all the spine-tingling adventures, including investigating werewolves, ghosts, pet psychics, aliens from outer space and a mysterious jungle curse! It’s all here in Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest.

Episodes Include:

  • Door-Jammed
  • Eight Arms To Hold You
  • Pawlm Reading
  • War of the Weirds
  • The Very Littlest Pet Shop

My Take on the DVD
Another great DVD with some great episodes included. My daughters favorites were War of the Weirds and Pawlm Reading, but all were wonderfully made and a ton of fun to watch as a family. You get great characters and a fun story in each episode. If you have never watched this series before, it is fun for all ages, so give it a try!

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