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Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review - 3D Origami Fun!: 25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects

3D Origami Fun!: 25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects
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About the Book
Imaginative 3D origami projects that anyone can make!

Do you love the art of paper folding? Well, your favorite pastime goes 3D in this origami guide! Inspired by the kawaii style everyone loves, 3D Origami Fun! shows you how to up your paper-folding game with twenty-five spectacular projects. From cupcakes to butterflies to sea turtles, each page features detailed explanations and step-by-step photos for constructing eye-catching sculptures using basic folds and origami pieces. Whether you're new to paper crafts or a seasoned pro, this book will teach you how to build a variety of impressive 3D origami projects.

So take out your paper, flex your fingers, and get ready to create dozens of fun origami projects you won't find anywhere else!

My Take on the Book
I have never seen an origami book of projects like Stephanie Martyn's book. It has 25 very creative and in my opinion totally new formations to the origami folding art/craft.

When one thinks of origami, you may think about the crane, star, cup, lion, or other easier creations.
Stephanie has created totally 3 D bees, butterflies, cupcakes, crabs, owls, farm animals, zoo animals, flowers, fruits, and more. 

The author's directions are clear and the included photographs are extremely helpful in performing the project. She gives the reader specific directions on the weight of the paper to buy, how to cut the paper, and the basic fold used.
In my opinion even though there are projects that are labeled "easy", they are still challenging. Yes, you can finish a project but they are , to me, more difficult than the 2 dimensional origami I have done in the past.

The only addition the author could have made to this book, would have been to include some precut paper for one of the easy projects. I feel this would be an incentive to use the book right away without locating the paper needed.

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