Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Where Did I Come From? 50th Anniversary Edition

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Book Review - Where Did I Come From? 50th Anniversary Edition

Where Did I Come From? 50th Anniversary Edition

About the Book
Where Did I Come From? is a classic for 50 years! With over 2.5M copies sold, this illustrated children's guide about the birds and bees has helped parents all over the world have “the talk” candidly with young, inquiring minds —with a dash of humor and without any nonsense. “I give this book top grades for humanness and honesty. Some parents will find that its humorousness helps them over the embarrassment.” —Dr. Spock

An international and beloved bestselling classic, Where Did I Come From? helps parents and their curious children get up close and personal with the intimate world of human sexuality. Told in an age-appropriate voice respectful of young people’s natural intelligence and warmly and relatably illustrated throughout, Where Did I Come From? creates a safe space where families can learn about the traditional facts of life—from the different parts of the body to orgasm to birth.

My Take on the Book
This was a book that my parents gave to me as a teenager, so I was surprised to find that there was a new version and that this book was still available today. The book really does offer a healthy view of what sex is. The book does look at everything from puberty to masturbation to sex, birth and more. The book is open and does not hold back. However, in saying this, the book shares the information in a tasteful way that parents can appreciate and that kids can understand. While the topics in the book may be hard to talk about, the authors are open and honest about so many topics that will help kids to better understand their changing bodies and lives.

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