Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Haven: A Small Cat's Big Adventure

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Book Review - Haven: A Small Cat's Big Adventure

Haven: A Small Cat's Big Adventure

About the Book

In Haven: A Small Cat's Big Adventure, when her cherished Ma Millie falls ill, a timid housecat ventures into the wild to seek help in this adventure about love, loss, and finding the truest version of ourselves.

A warm, cozy lap. The toasty smell of baking bread. Tasty food served in a bright-blue bowl. These make Haven’s life as an indoor pet heaven. All thanks to her beloved human and rescuer, Ma Millie. But when Ma Millie becomes too sick to care for her, the cat’s cozy life is turned upside down, and Haven decides she must seek out another human for help. Anything for Ma Millie! Her vow pulls her out of her safe nest into the shadowy forest and down unfamiliar and dangerous roads. When her first plan fails, Haven meets a wilderness-savvy fox who volunteers as an ally, and their perilous journey together brings some victories. But Haven finds herself pitted against creatures far wilder than she ever could be, testing her strength and spirit to their limits. Will her loyalty to Ma Millie—and her newfound confidence in herself—be enough to help Haven see the quest through to its conclusion? Can she stand up against the fierce predator that is tracking her every move?

My Take on the Book
I love cats and this is a story of a kitten with a ton of personality that has an amazing adventure as she works to get help for her human who was ill. The thing that was amazing was that Haven the cat had never been in the forest, but was determined to find help for her human. Throughout the book Haven meets new friends that helps her along the way. This was a wonderful book that I would highly recommend to all!

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