Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - MAZE-O-ZOIC: 50 Dinosaur Mazes

Friday, August 24, 2018

Book Review - MAZE-O-ZOIC: 50 Dinosaur Mazes

MAZE-O-ZOIC: 50 Dinosaur Mazes

About the Book
Here comes another wonderfully wacky collection of mazes from Joe Wos . . . and this time, has has gone the way of the dinosaurs! MAZE-O-ZOIC features 50 colorfully illustrated mazes with fully solvable characters, cartoon elements, and dinosaurs along every start-to-finish path. Kids and parents will enjoy navigating through a T.Rex-inspired maze, the Triceratops' horns, the Spinosaurus' amazing sail, and more. Open the pages and get lost in this prehistoric world that's filled with twists, turns, and scary good fun!

My Take on the Book
If you love mazes and dinosaurs, this book is for you. You will be challenged by these 50 mazes and each has some great illustrations that will enjoy seeing as well. Each of the mazes are inspired by different dinosaurs so your love of everything pre-historic will be kept alive on every page of this  fun book.

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