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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Book Review - Peachy and Keen: The Spirit Week Showdown

Peachy and Keen: The Spirit Week Showdown

About the Book It's spirit week at Happy Tails School and Purrfect9 magazine wants to get in on the fun. Gertie the unicorn wants to start a daily vlog profiling the week and Connie the Octopus thinks a prank channel will get more views.

Editor-in-Chief Peachy decides whichever channel has the most total views by the end of the week will get to show their video at the big Pep Rally. It's Peachy and Gertie vs. Keen and Connie--may the best vlog channel win!

My Take on the Book
Jason's story takes place at the Happy Trails School. All kinds of animals attend this school. Peachy, the cat, and her best friend Keen. a dog, have started an online school magazine called Purrfect 9.
The animal students decide to have a contest to see whose story/newscast receives the most viewings. So the story gives all the details of the contest. 

As the animals strive to outdo each other, the reader will see something change. The contest becomes less important than being kind to each other, supporting each other, sharing the spotlight, and being helpful.
The reader will see a different group of animal students from the beginning of the story to the end.
Just like our normal children, these animal students have the same feelings and desires. I think your child will enjoy this chapter book. It has some very funny sections . This story was written on a third grade reading level with an interest range from second through fourth graders.

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