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Monday, September 18, 2017

Book Review - Born Free: Tiger Rescue: True-Life Stories

Born Free: Tiger Rescue: True-Life Stories

About the Book
Discover the stories of wild animals around the world that have been saved from a lifetime of cruelty and suffering.

The Born Free Foundation's mission is to protect many different species in their natural habitats, working with local communities to help people and wildlife live together peacefully. In Tiger Rescue, an undercover investigation reveals that Roque, a five-month-old tiger, is languishing in a pet store in Barcelona. Now it's up to Born Free to save him! Parents will be intrigued by these books as they recall the movie Born Free and the story of Elsa, the orphaned lion cub brought up by Joy and George Adamson (portrayed by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna in the movie and the founders of the Born Free Foundation) and released back into the wild. Children will be inspired as they read how Born Free comes to the rescue even as they learn about life, compassion, and making the world a better place.

My Take on the Book
This true story tells the rescue of a young tiger cub named Rogue. He was found in an aquarium in a Spanish pet shop. Rogue was one of the fortunate tigers because the international wildlife charity Born Free and others make it their mission to assist wild animals held in captivity so they may live a life being wild, even if it is in a sanctuary.

Rogue was taken from the pet shop to a sanctuary in Kent, England to recover. He developed into a strong tiger but needing more room , he was transferred to a tiger sanctuary in Karnataka, India. There he had the climate he needed to live a good life.

Just to give you an idea how much care and love the wild animals had from the organizations like Born Free who tried to help them, one wild tiger Masti had to have a leg amputated and because he was truly a wild tiger and not one rescued from a zoo, circus, or pet shop, they had to build him a special enclosure which would give him access to free movement but keep him safe due to having only three legs. 

These rescue organizations are devoted to make sure that the world will always be able to see paw prints.

Beautiful photographs of the animals and the humans who help them.

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