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Monday, July 4, 2016

Book Review - Pete's Dragon: Elliot Gets Lost

Pete's Dragon: Elliot Gets Lost
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About the Book
Elliot the puppy is lost in the forest, and needs to find a new home. Will it be with a family of sheep, or a questioning owl, or maybe some playful fox cubs? Or will his search lead him somewhere else? From the screen to the page, Elliot Gets Lost will bring the fun and heartwarming story of a lost puppy to readers of all ages. Seen in the 2016 movie Pete's Dragon as one of Pete's prized possessions, the picture book was brought to the page by the film's creative team, and features never-before-seen illustrations. Fans of the movie and picture books alike will love this story of a young puppy's journey.

My Take on the Book
This is a nice story for a young child. The story is one that shows the importance of family. It shows many different families from human to animal. It shows the importance of being with and finding your family if you become lost.

Elliot is a little puppy who becomes lost in the forest. Many animals he encounters help him in locating his human family.

The story illustrates friendship, love, perseverance, and how families give us security in our lives.

The illustrations by Benjamin Lowery are perfect for the text. They show gentleness, love, joy, and sadness. A young child will relate to the illustrations and the story.
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