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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Book Review - Duck on a Tractor

Duck on a Tractor

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About the Book
David Shannon's wildly popular, award-winning Duck on a Bike left children begging him to tell them another story about Duck after seeing him pictured alongside a shiny red tractor. Now Duck is back and turning the farm upside down!

Flushed with the success of his trailblazing bike ride around the farm, Duck decides he's ready to drive the tractor. As in the bestselling Duck on a Bike, all the barnyard animals share their humorous comments as they watch Duck do the unthinkable. Then, one by one, they join him on the tractor for a ride!

But what happens when Duck drives the big red tractor through town, past the popular diner where all the locals are having lunch? What will those folks really think when they see Duck and all the other animals riding around on Farmer O'Dell's tractor? Filled with entertaining detail and sly jokes, readers will pore over each picture again and again. Perfect for reading aloud!

My Take on the Book
This was a very cute story with amazing images. The book was very readable and my daughters simply loved the characters and the plot of the story itself. The Duck is truly a character that you will not forget. You will find yourself laughing and shaking your had at the things that he gets into, at least we did! This was a wonderful story for the whole family!

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