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Friday, November 20, 2015

Movie Review - Ice Sculpture Christmas

Ice Sculpture Christmas

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About the Movie
As a little girl, Callie Shaw always knew she wanted to be an amazing chef. Now, after spending years trying to get her foot in the door, she's losing faith that she has what it takes to succeed. Is it time to give up? Working as the entry-level new hire in her hometown's country club kitchen, Callie finally gets the opportunity to make a name for herself through a culinary Christmas ice-sculpture contest! The only problem is that she's paired with David Manning, a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur who believes whole-heartedly in Callie's talents but knows nothing about ice sculpture. If David can learn the ropes in time and help Callie believe she has all the right stuff, Callie just might enjoy a Christmas to remember, bringing her closer to a man who truly loves her and achieving her lifelong dream.

My Take on the Movie
This was an enjoyable and interesting movie to watch. Our two main characters Callie and David meet as children but the story's content deals with their adult life and meeting once again.

David has had a life of wealth and following in his father's footsteps even though his heart was not in it. Callie wants to become a chef but the job she takes is one of a dishwasher until she proves herself to the main chef of the country club.

It is a story showing life's challenges, dreams , and believing in oneself. It shows the viewer how your dreams can come true with perseverance and faith in yourself and your abilities. The movie also shows how family love and friendship is more important than one's job.

This is a nice new holiday movie to add to your Christmas movie collection.

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