Dad of Divas' Reviews: Ballroom Dancing Mastery System Lets You Learn How to Dance! #ballroomdancing

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System Lets You Learn How to Dance! #ballroomdancing

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About the DVD
Amazing SEVEN DVD Holiday Dance Set!

Learn 4 Different Dances from the Start. Super HOT!
All the basics, from your first steps (Great Holiday Gift)

We're coming out with our Ballroom Dance Mastery System, a 7 DVD set for Beginner's to learn all the major social ballroom dances, and we're looking for revierers. Great for beginners learning how to dance. :) You'll love this seven DVD set, and we can wait to get it out for the Holidays (it makes a great gift)

Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba - Woohoo!

Designed for beginners, no dance experience is required.
My Take on the DVD
We have been a huge fan of dancing shows in the past but I have never really danced or learned to dance myself. This set gave my wife and I the perfect opportunity to try and learn some steps myself. While we knew that it would not be too easy, we wanted to give it a try for ourselves to see.

This DVD set was great because it had a bit of everything in it. It covered a little of everything and the instruction was easy to understand and even for my wife and I with no dancing instruction we were easily able to follow this.

As mentioned this program has a bit of everything. The set includes:

  • Beginners Foxtrot - (80 minutes)
  • Beginners Waltz Vol. 1 - (63 minutes)
  • Beginners Walts Vol. 2 - (52 minutes)
  • Beginners Swing Vol. 1 - (111 minutes)
  • Beginners Swing Vol. 2 - (54 minutes)
  • Beginners Rumba Vol. 1 - (68 minutes)
  • Beginners Rumba Vol. 2 - (54 minutes)

As mentioned we have been trying to use this for the past week or so and while I cannot say that we are masters at it yet, we are getting better. Each dance is broken down for you and let me tell you they are truly a workout too!

These disks have been a ton of fun thus far, and my wife and I are looking forward to continuing learning even more as we move forward!

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