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Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review - Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie

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About the Book
Sam Spade, move over! In his years on the force, Tough Cookie Busted the Ginger Snaps and broke up the Macaroons. Now living as a private eye at the bottom of the cookie jar, he learns that Fingers has gotten his old partner, Chips. With his best girl, Pecan Sandy, at his side, Tough Cookie sets out to put Fingers away, for keeps! This hilarious spoof will have readers rolling in the aisles.

My Take on the Book
When you first begin to read this story, you may wonder what will be the outcome for the gingerbread man who does not have ginger in him and he is angry . He causes many problems in the bakery until the baker finally helps him realize he can change and become helpful.

Thus the story continues with a transformation. To me it shows how someone can change when someone takes the time to be kind to them and show them a different path in their behavior. You will see in the story how the gingerbread man becomes more helpful and as a result becomes happier too.

A good story to discuss the issues of change in behavior with kindness.

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