Dad of Divas' Reviews: Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat Gives You Style & Protection #charlieswarehouse

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat Gives You Style & Protection #charlieswarehouse

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About the Hat
This is a Real Deal Brazil Hat made from recycled Brazilian truck tarps which is shapeable due to wire brim which is recycled from truck tires. Each hat is unique since they are made from recycle tarps. Also included is a Solos's Accessories leather chin cord made from Utah distressed leather.

My Take on the Hat
This was a great water-resistant hat that fits well and gives you full protection for all of the activities that you may be doing personally or that you may be attending with your family. This being said, the hat is very form fitting and a bit still at first, but I found that it does loosen the more that you wear it. One of the nice things with this was that the brim is mold-able and it allows you to create the look and feel which is right for you. This hat really gives you a rubbed look while providing you a great fitting hat which protects and looks great!

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