Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - We Found a Monster

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Book Review - We Found a Monster

We Found a Monster

About the Book
Kirk Scroggs (The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid) brings you a new type of best friend!

Casey has always loved monster movies; in fact, he considers himself something of an expert in monsters. He spends his day doing normal kid things, like attending school and riding his bike around his town of Serena Mar--and filling his journal with helpful ways to take care of the various monsters who live all around them...whom no one else seems to know exist.

But as Casey delves deeper into the history of his spooky friends--or are they fiends? --he uncovers more than just skeletons in the closet. Turns out there's a Frankenstein and maybe a werewolf tucked in there, too! And he's just starting to wonder if it's possible that his new friend, Zandra, has a secret of her own, as well...

We Found a Monster is a fun, funny, and fast-paced tale about learning what true friendship is, and respecting the secrets we all have inside.

My Take on the Book
This was a great graphic novel that  brings you inside of a monster's notebook which was such a unique idea and concept. The book brings forth friendship, monsters and more. The illustrations were fun and on each page you get a fun story that you will not want to out down! All-in-all this was a book I did not want to put down and neither will you!

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