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Monday, September 21, 2020

Book Review - Escape Book: Mystery Island

Escape Book: Mystery Island

About the Book
Solve puzzles and riddles with your favorite pirates in order to escape the book, in the second installment of The Escape Book series!

Ahoy matey, you’re trapped!

After being abandoned on a mysterious island, you must now find a way to escape. The grumbling volcano in the middle of the island is sure to erupt soon—and take you with it. Will you be able to solve puzzles, find allies, and rise to the challenge? It will take everything you’ve got to make it out in time. But who knows, maybe you’ll find legendary treasure along the way? Bring the excitement of the popular escape room activity with you everywhere you go in this second book, The Mysterious Island. You will have to free yourself, and logic and observation will be your new treasures!


My Take on the Book
This is a fun book full of great puzzles that you have to solve to get through this book. The book itself challenges you to free yourself. My daughter loves puzzles and she loved this book as well. This book challenged her and she was asking me by the end if there were more books that she could read like this!

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