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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Book Review - Bobs and Tweets: Scout Camp

Bobs and Tweets: Scout Camp

About the Book

The Bobs and Tweets are back for a whole new summer adventure. Their next destination: camp! In Pepper Springfield’s latest book BOBS AND TWEETS: Scout Camp! Illustrated by Kristy Caldwell, readers join the Bonefish Scouts as Bus Driver Joan leads them on a trip filled with sing-songy hikes, breathtaking views, tippy canoes, smores, and more camp fun!

But when Scout Leader Mike splits the group in two for a “team-building” exercise that forces them into survival mode, the Bobs and Tweets must work together in order to overcome some serious challenges. Will the scouts be able to pitch a tent, build a fire, and boil water before the ominous storm clouds keep them from finding their way home?

Scout Camp! flawlessly demonstrates just how far a little teamwork and problem-solving can go when learning new skills and having fun along the way!

My Take on the Book
This book was so much fun. It is a book that really allows your kids to experience what camp is like and how when you are at camp you have to work together on many things to make things happen. If you have not read a Bobs and Tweets book before you will love the rhyme and pattern of the lines of the book. Bobs and Tweets and all of their friends are all so unique and fun and even when they seem to work against each other in the end they have to work together to meet their common goal. This was such a fun book for the whole family!

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