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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Product Review - Relay - The world’s simplest kid’s phone

About Relay
  • A screen-free, water-resistant, one-touch communication cell phone alternative makes it easy to talk to your kids from the free app on your smartphone
  • This device uses a secure, nationwide 4G LTE network and WiFi to allow you to communicate with your child while having built-in parental controls and GPS tracking. $9.99 per Relay/ monthly service + no contracts
  • Your child simply pushes the button and speaks into their device as they would a walkie-talkie - the message is sent to your cell phone or another Relay
  • Customize Relays with free extra features through the app. Make new chat channels, enable kids to talk to friends, and get fun music playlists, a funny voice-changer, and language translation
  • Includes a magnetic charging cable, a USB power adapter, a quick start guide, and a 1 year product warranty.

My Take on the Book
The relay device has been working great over the past week that I have been using it. I love that I can give it to my daughter and she can easily talk back to us. It is a walkie-talkie type of device where you just click the middle button to talk. Beyond this though, there are applications that you can connect to this device so your child can have music or more. The device also has a geo-locator within it so it gives me piece of mind that I can know where my daughter is and I can track where she is going as well. With my daughter being more independent but not having a phone I want to be able to stay connected and this device does just that. It is easy to use and my daughter tells me the same. She loves being able to talk to me without having to call and I can say that it was a nice way to meet our needs and price-wise it was definitely in the budget.

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