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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Book Review - The Notebook of Doom: Monster Notebook

The Notebook of Doom: Monster Notebook

About the Book
Calling all future members of the Super Secret Monster Patrol! Kids love reading about the wacky monsters that attack Stermont in Troy Cummings' bestselling The Notebook of Doom series. Now fans can own Alexander Bopp's S.S.M.P. Monster Notebook, featuring each monster's habitat, diet, and everything else a monster-fighter needs to know! This 144-page, full-color book features information about every monster from The Notebook of Doom series, plus never-before-seen monsters, too. This fun monster manual is perfect for young readers who love monsters, monsters, and more monsters!

My Take on the Book
Alexander Bopp is the leader of the Super Secret Monster Patrol (SSMP). In this book you will meet all the members of the SSMP.

The author has filled this book with all kinds of very creative monsters. He has given the reader the monster's habitat, diets, and weaknesses. There are maps and tools for fighting the monsters.

To give you an example of the creative monsters you will meet , here are two: Bumble-Beaver is a monster who has the head and tail of a beaver, but the body, wings, and stinger of a bee. Another monster is the Ice Mice who has french fry skis and lives behind the broccoli in the refrigerator.
The book is filled with amazing monsters. It is fun to read and you will marvel at the imagination of the author. At the end of the book the author gives the reader encouragement to write their own monster notebook.
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