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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review - Born Free: Bear Rescue: True-Life Stories

Born Free: Bear Rescue: True-Life Stories

About the Book
Discover the stories of wild animals around the world that have been saved from a lifetime of cruelty and suffering.

The Born Free Foundation's mission is to protect many different species in their natural habitats, working with local communities to help people and wildlife live together peacefully. In this book, children will meet Mollie, Georgia, and Louisa, three bear cubs stranded by terrible floods. Now, it's up to Born Free to face raging flood waters in order to save them! Parents will be intrigued by these books as they recall the movie Born Free and the story of Elsa, the orphaned lion cub brought up by Joy and George Adamson (portrayed by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna in the movie and the founders of the Born Free Foundation) and released back into the wild. Children will be inspired as they read how Born Free comes to the rescue even as they learn about life, compassion, and making the world a better place.

My Take on the Book
Here is another wonderful nonfiction story about the efforts of humans to rescue wild animals and allow them to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Three baby bears, Mollie, Georgia, and Louisa were orphaned in the Republic of Georgia (near Russia). There are challenges for the humans as they try to feed them and help the animals acquire the needed weight to be transported to an animal preserve in Greece. Another challenge was introducing the animals to each other so they could live in the same area. With patience the bears are living with fresh food , water, and safety in their new home. The reader will enjoy not only the story, but beautiful photographs of the bears , and facts about bears. Thanks for the Born Free Foundation and other animal groups, these bears and other animals are given another chance to live in an open environment safely.

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