Dad of Divas' Reviews: Taking A Bite Out of Weeds With Lawn Jaws

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Taking A Bite Out of Weeds With Lawn Jaws

Taking A Bite Out of Weeds With Lawn Jaws

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About Lawn Jaws
Get to the root of the problem with the Lawn Jaws Sharkteeth weed puller. The new sharktooth design has a total of 52 large teeth that stand up to tough roots and prevent slippage. Ergonomic design includes soft handles for easy firm grip for men and women. A no pinch design keeps hands safe and comfortable. This essential garden tool is rust resistant with stainless steel durability.

Custom slots allow for garden debris to pass through garden pliers, reducing clogging and soil build up. Speed up your landscape projects with the Lawn Jaws! Every gardener needs a pair of Lawn Jaws to keep their lawn, garden and flower beds weed free. Unique “sharktooth” back slanted teeth grip the weed like no other.

  • Get to the root of the problem instead of just pulling the tops off of unwanted weeds and grasses
  • Stainless steel alloy for durability with chrome finish for rust resistance
  • Pulls both weeds with tap roots as well as ‘bunch type’ grasses
  • Soft handles for easy, firm hand grip with no pinching

My Take on Lawn Jaws
I was really impressed with first how quickly these came, but also the fact that when these
did arrive they arrived in perfect condition and ready to use. When I removed these from the package I found that they were very comfortable to hold and the teeth in the Lawn Jaws really are sharp and grab and hold the weeds completely. This is made for larger weeks and if you try to use this on smaller weeds you may find that the jaws will slip through the weeds. The biggest challenge that I found with this is that when you get into the dirt and are working with weeds, dirt can get stuck in the jaws. Even though this sometimes happens, they still do work great! We have been going to town on some tough weeds and you can too with this fun lawn jaws.

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